My name is Esteban Asenjo and I was born in 1977. I am from Coyhaique, a town located in the Southern Chile (Chilean Patagonia). I am Electronic Engineer and my principal interests are networking, network security and telecomunications.




I am ham since 1997. I got my first ham license (Novice) in 1993 and it was CE7SYA when I was only 16 years old. In august 1995 I got my General Class License and It changed to CE7UP in november 1995, after my father SK. CE7UP was the callsing of my father for several years. In 2004, I changed to Superior Class License and I my callsing prefix changed (again) to XQ7UP. I have been operator of many events such as CE6O (Special Call for Federachi's Contest), XR6CLJ (Special Call), XR37HT (Special Call), CE3HQ (Radio Club of Chile HQ Station). I have also been in some DX'pedition as CE6M (Mocha Island Lighthouse DX'Pedition 2006), XR5L (Santa Maria Island Lighthouse DX'Pedition 2009), CE6N (Niebla II Lighthouse Activation), XR7F (Frutillar Lighthouse Activation) and XR2A (Punta Angeles Lighthouse Activation). I am member of Austral University of Chile Amateur Radio Club (CE6CLJ - Life Member), The Three Stars DX Group, Radio Club of Chile (CE3AA), Radio Club De Los Rios (CE6RCR - Founder Member), Radio Club Coyhaique Aliro Asenjo (CE7CYH), Radio Club Direccion General de Aeronautica Civil (CE3RAC) and The Chilean Pacific DX Group (CE3PCG - Founder Member). My preference is DXing.



In 2010 I started contesting in a Multi-Single Team at the CQ World Wide DX Contest. It was a wonderfull experience and from then I am trying to be present in every contest as possible, specially CQ ones. My favorite Contest is the CQ WPX Contest.